Dr Mark Bradford

Mark is the Founder of BeWeDō®, and Senior Lecturer at Massey University, College of Creative Arts, School of Design Nga Pae Māhutonga in Wellington, New Zealand.

BeWeDō is underpinned by his unique PhD research – BeWeDō: co-creating possibilities with movement – which has attracted invitations internationally to present at respected interdisciplinary conferences (AOMO2016 Slovenia, ILA2014 USA, MODEsummit New Zealand, Does Design Care ...?[2] Japan, EKSIG 2019 Estonia), organisations (IDEO Tokyo Japan, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design & Architecture Finland), publish scholarly outputs (Leadership, DRTP Journals), as well as lead BeWeDō workshops in Slovenia, England, USA, Japan, Estonia, Finland and New Zealand.


The BeWeDō framework has been recognised by design thinking pioneers IDEO, USA, and co-creation leaders Fronteer, Netherlands. Donald N. Levine, Professor Emeritus in Sociology, University of Chicago, USA, and Founder of Aiki Extensions (the only group globally that seeks to bring together people taking the principles of Aikidō off the mat ('aiki') into the wider world), USA described BeWeDō as:

"truly significant work”

BeWeDō®. Transforming conversations.

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